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Learning to Carve Red Cedar

Last update on June 16, 2013.

Learning to Carve Red Cedar

Yesterday I attended a wood carving class with my classmate from NEC, Frank Wilson at the church on Penticton and Franklin Street. I received a block of red cedar to carve and instruction on how to get started from Rupert and Alfred Scowe. There were also tools there for me to use until my tools are sharpened and ready to use. First we figured out what side of my block would be the bottom based on the grain of the wood, then using my planer blade I levelled it out so that it sat flat and flush with the table. Next we drew lines to give it a three inch width and a centre line, then I cut excess off the sides using an adze. It was a lovely learning environment with music and drummers and everyone was very friendly and helpful. Everyone brought food for a potlatch at the end of class. My homework is to sharpen all my knives, soak my cedar block(so its easier to carve) and level the sides of my block with my planner blade. I love the smell of cedar on my home right now :) I can't wait till my next lesson! 

Many thanks to Rupert Scowe and Alfred Scowe for sharing their knowledge and tools and giving me my beautiful cedar block, And thank you to David Bruce for teaching me how to make the handles for my blades and giving me alder wood to make them, and thank you to Frank Wilson for introducing me to all these great carvers and helping me select my first set of blades.

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