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A Day to Celebrate

Last update on Aug. 28, 2013.

July 19th, not only did I get to graduate with my mother on this day it also happens to be my wedding anniversary of 5 years and anniversary of being together for 12 years with most wonderful man in the world. It is a very very special day indeed. I am so grateful to everyone that made this day possible. I'd like to thank my mother for telling me about the Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts Program at NEC and always encouraging and feeding my creative and artistic side. Thank you to my husband Martin for all your love and support in everything I decide to do, you help make my dreams a reality everyday. Thank you to my all my friends and family that have gone out their way to show their support, your kind words mean the world to me. Thank you to my teacher Robert Tait and his assistant Shawn Edenshaw for their wisdom and patience. Congrats to all the NEC Grads of 2013 

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