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Tag archives: NEC

A Day to Celebrate

Last update on Aug. 28, 2013.

July 19th, not only did I get to graduate with my mother on this day it also happens to be my wedding anniversary of 5 years and anniversary of being together for 12 years with most wonderful man in the world. It is a very very special day indeed. I am so grateful to everyone that made this day possible. I'd like to thank my mother for telling me about the Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts Program at NEC and always encouraging and feeding my creative and artistic side. Thank you to my husband Martin for all your ...

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NEC Awards Gala 2013

Last update on June 1, 2013.

NEC Awards Gala 2013

Last night I attended the Native Education Colleges(NEC) Gala and was a representative for the Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts Progarm(NCJA). I was happy to come and demonstrate my craft and I love meeting people and sharing my passion.After an hour of showcasing the NCJA Program it was on to the main event in the beautiful NEC entrance and lobby. The welcoming song by Jeff Dan, Musqueam Nation set the stage for the rest of the evening. It was heart warming to hear about all the award recipients and their stories. I really connected to a lot of ...

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