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Height: 7.0" / 17.8cm
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The orca is a symbol of kindness, intelligence, and compassion. The way we treat these beautiful ceatures is no where near compassionate, intelligent, or kind. After watching the documentary Blackfish I felt the need to create a design that represented the pain these animals endure everyday in captivity. Stolen from their family to live in confinement and subjected to starvation training to do circus tricks for the rest of their lives.

This blackfish is displayed squished in a fish bowl and its dorsal fin is collapsed over the side of the bowl to represent the lack of sapce these large animals have to swim in. I placed the hashtag #BLACKFISH underneath to encourage people to look it up and watch the documentary for themselves. The more peolpe that watch Blackfish the better chance there is to end the cruelty of their captivity.

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