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Idle No More

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Height: 15.5" / 39.4cm
Width: 8.5" / 21.6cm

Idle No More

$5 from every Idle No More shirt sold is donated to the Hupacasath First Nations to support their court battle to stop FIPA.

After hearing the phrase "Warrior up", I designed this Idle No More shirt with the copper sheild. Traditionally the copper sheild was an object that held special economic and social value which I feel is a perfect representation of our land, water and resources. Harper and his government are trying to take, use and destroy something that does not belong to them. Harper is making decisions that effect everyone behind closed doors and selling us out to the highest bidder. I perched the chickadees on top of the copper shield becasue they are truth singers and they want to spread the Idle no more message.

Help my chickadees spread this important message by:

  • Buying a shirt
  • Sharing this page
  • Learn more about the Hupacasath First Nations fight and Idle No More

By wearing this Idle No More shirt you are raising awareness about the Idle No More movement; use it as a tool to start a conversation and share your knowledge. The more people share and educate the better chance we have to save our lands and waters from being destroyed.

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