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Veal Calf

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Height: 5.8" / 14.8cm
Width: 9.1" / 23.2cm

Veal Calf

Traditionally select animals from the northwest coast have been chosen for formline design such as orcas, wolves and eagles to name a few. We respect these animals and view them as family members. We admire their strengths, skills and wisdom. We tell stories about these animals as teachers to learn from them and better ourselves. It was these teachings that taught me to respect all animals.
The intention of this design is to give a new perspective and to view this baby veal calf through a new lens. Veal calves are jubilant and energetic and teach us to find joy in the simple things. His life has just as much meaning as any other animal and he deserves just as much respect.
Veal calves are a by-product of the dairy industry. Just like humans cows only produce milk during pregnancy for their calf. The dairy industry separates the calf from his mother at birth and confines it to a tiny crate to restrict its movement and keep its muscles soft. The mother is confined to a stall and has her utters pumped until they bleed.

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